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Mohamed Mahamud | W1442717 | Operating Systems Structure
File systems is a method of sorting data structure in the operating systems and means to keep track of the virtual data in the operating systems without a file system information stored would be a large body of data with no way of knowing where a piece of data is stored begins and ends. File systems is also referred to as partition or disk which is uses files or the type the file systems. A file system on a disk or partition is a way to organize, navigate, hierarchical data can be accessed, stored and retrieved in a form of folders or files. When files system is referred to as a partition it means that the hierarchy of directories also known as the directory tree. It is used to organize files on a computer system, the hierarchy of directories is locked on a single partition or disk it can also be spread over multiple disks even disks on a different computer at a different location.
When a file system is referred to as type of file system it is the way the stored data are organized on computer disk for example a file or folder that is that is stored on a hard disk or a partition on the hard disk. It is generally a piece of code in the kernel module which maintenance the logical data structures located in the storage. The main functions that every file system should have are efficient organization of data quick storage and retrieval
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