Questions On Options For Failure

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Anna Kasagawa September 29th, 2014 English 1 Bryn Gravitt Options for Failure Education is a privilege that shapes peoples opinions and thoughts. Thus, the choices surrounding one’s education are important enough that it is said to determine their happiness. In “The Tyranny of Choice,” Barry Schwartz argues that there is too much freedom of choice at college, which overwhelms students. However, his evidence reveals that it is not the amount of choices, but that the expectations behind the choices that determine happiness. Schwartz argues that having too many options is stressful. However, it is not the number of options that are stressful, but the expectations regarding the decision that affects your happiness. The higher your expectations are, the more likely you are to be disappointed. The lower your expectations are, the higher your chances are of being pleasantly surprised. For example, Schwartz explains an experience when he went to buy wine at a general store that only sells five types of wine. He was content with the bad wine that he bought because the store has fewer options, therefore, a smaller percentage that the store sells fine wine. Though that may be one of the reasons he was content, it was primarily because he “didn’t expect it to be” any good. (837) If he went to a wine store, he would be disappointed if he bought the same wine because he would hold a higher standard for a store that specializes in wine. Therefore, as expectations increase the choices
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