Questions On Organizational Theory And Behavior

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COURSE: ORGANISATIONAL THEORY AND BEHAVIOR COURSE CODE: MGT 4020 INSTRUCTOR: DR. SIKALEI DAMARY GROUP ONE INTERNET EXERCISE: ORGANISATIONAL CONTEXT: DESIGN AND CULTURE MEMBERS ID NO GITATA IAN MWANGI 639068 MBEERA KEITH 641323 NDERITU SUSAN NJERI 636221 NJIGUA CAROLINE NJOKI 629067 OKUNA JOHN BEVAN 638330 WAINAINA AMANDA NKIROTE 638552 WANJIKU JANET WAMBUI 641102 1. Compare structure and culture of two or more firms in the same industry. Which would you prefer to work for? The two firms being compared were Google and Apple, both firms dominate the intersection of technology and consumer access. In addition, they both compete across a huge range of sub-industries such as computing software, hardware, operating systems, applications and web browsing among others. However each firm takes a different approach from an organizational perspective. GOOGLE Google Inc. is an American multinational technology company specializing in internet related services and
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