Questions On Other School Based Solely On The Result Of One Study

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conclusion to other school based solely on the result of one study. This is one threat to any empirical studies [21].
3) Content Threats to Validity For our survey adopted in this study, there was no pretest conducted to improve content validity. We made some modifications to the original work done by Wallace et al., but we cannot be sure whether the modifications are justifiable. Without any feedback from experts, the initial questionnaire was unable to be modified to improve its consistency and responder understanding [16], thus introducing content threats to validity to our study.
B. Research Limitations Besides a number of threats to validity, there are also some limitations in our study. These limitations come from the intrinsic nature of risk and risk analysis.
First of all, risk is a complex construct because of the nature of risk is a human-defined subject and most of time, we cannot measure it exactly by quantifiable measures. The characteristic decides risk analysis is also a very complicated process. This indicates that any risk-related analysis is impossible to provide a complete strategy for risk management. We can only try our best to analyze specific risks in some specific fields. Second, we selected the classification of risk dimension that had identified in earlier research - Wallace. et al.’s six risk dimensions. We made some changes to this classification to better fit our study. Though this classification is widely used by researchers, but there
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