Questions On Parenting Agreements After Separation

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1. What was the issue presented by the client? The issue presented was regarding parenting agreements after separation. This issue is under the Family Law Act 1973. The client had an arrangement with her partner that was not formal. The couple did not have a parenting plan instead they had a verbal agreement that involved an equal care time arrangement of their two sons . The client wished to have an 80/20 split of care time because of emotional abuse from her ex-husband. The client raised concerns about her ex-husband tendencies to make major decisions without consultation. This included removing her sons from football and wanting them to move schools. 2. What kinds of communication dynamics were evident in the interview? Communication skills are critical to law students . In completing the intake form, my objective was to understand the client’s situation and why they were presenting at the legal service . Closed questions were used to complete the intake form and to assemble the facts . Prior to the lawyer completing the advice stage, I summarised the information I had received from the client to confirm its accuracy . During the interview, the lawyer demonstrated active listening and open ended questioning. Active listening allowed the lawyer to understand the needs of the client through being aware of the vocal and visual elements of communication . This allowed the lawyer to rate the importance of various legal issues and therefore use the time more effectively.
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