Questions On Parliamentary Sovereignty Of The Uk Parliament Essay

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“The development of the EU has slowly eroded the sovereignty of the UK Parliament”

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Parliamentary Sovereignty is the concept that Parliament is the supreme legal authority in the United Kingdom. Kellerman, M. G. (2011) argues that since the United Kingdom unlike most other countries does not have a codified constitution to restrict the powers of the Parliament, the main check on power of the British Parliament is the sovereignty of the future parliaments. The European Union has been growing since its establishment and its growth has been considered a threat to the Parliamentary Sovereignty of the UK, since their joining of the EU in 1973. This essay will showcase the treaties, institutions, cases, and acts that have eroded the sovereignty of the UK Parliament and will conclude that the development of the EU will only further reduce the power of Parliamentary Sovereignty as long as the United Kingdom stays a member of the EU.

Britain has sacrificed power to treaties since the end of World War 2 in order for better relations with foreign countries, these treaties and others developed into what is now known as the European Union. Perhaps the most significant of these treaties is the Treaty of Rome (1957). The UK conceded to this treaty in 1972 and for the first time European Law was given power in the UK through an act of the UK
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