Questions On Patient Satisfaction And Patient Experience Essay

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In 2011, ADHB (which comprises Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre, both situated in Auckland City) moved away from paper patient experience surveys and turned toward an electronic form; email surveys. By surveying patients on their experience in hospital, ADHB hopes to gain more insight into what patients’ deem important to them in their hospital care, focusing on the good aspects of patient experience and what can be done to enhance these rather than on the less positive aspects of patient experience. The patient experience is very complex and, as a literature view of the topic has found, it is difficult to determine what exactly it comprises. By analysing the open comments made by inpatients
Talk about difference between patient satisfaction and patient experience.
1.1 Survey Information
ADHB patient experience surveys are distributed to both inpatients and outpatients as long as they have a valid email address, have not been surveyed in the last 12 weeks, have not been re-admitted to the same hospital or another hospital in the same week or have not died. As the survey is electronic, the questions that the patients receive will depend on how they answered the previous question. The survey is designed for patients to choose three domains of healthcare that they value as most important to them and will then ask questions relating to those three domains. Each patient will not choose the same three domains and therefore their questions will
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