Questions On Politics And Politics

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1. What is politics?
When listening to the word politics, usually it comes to mind images of government, politicians and their policies. In order for a government to be organized and to have some kind of guidelines and power over a country, they need to have some organization, and that is when politics comes in, politics is basically what forms a government. With politics each country, groups and organizations implement different ways to organize their events, incidents eventualities and so on. Each country has different politics and that is one of the aspects that characterize that specific country. If a country wants to have a strong government it must have policies that are fair and strong enough to be followed and obey by its society.

2. What is culture?
Culture is what identifies a person and his/her beliefs, traditions and behaviors. Each country has different beliefs, while in one country society might mandate two people to get marriage before they can move in together, in another that might be not important at all, and that does not mean one country is better than the other, that is just part of their culture. Also Culture is what makes a person have an identity where ever that person goes. For instance; in the United States there are different types of cultures because there are different people coming from different countries. When a person goes to a different country that person may identified his/herself with that country he/she is in if there is more people…
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