Questions On Primary Health Care

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Primary health care, supports and help individuals to make the most important decision of their health because of the advice they receive from different health care professionals who have the right skills to provide that supports. (Sinclair, Rochon, Leatt,2005).With the level and accessibility of specialized health care professionals, individuals re able to manage their chronic disease, and their needs are being meet.
Cost is a very important reason as well. Health care cost is rising due to various reasons, and primary care services add up to that cost. According to Aggarwal & Hutchison (2012), Canadians has the highest frequency usage of the emergency departments compare to other Commonwealth countries

The fee for service does not allow physicians to spend optimal time with their patient, educating them about diseases, chronic illnesses and understanding the social determinants of health which is to maintain the health of the population (Rose & Kasperski,(1999) . Fee-for service payment is based on how many patients the physicians can see and it does not reimburse the amount of time a physician can spend with a patient. The practice that most physicians undertake is based on acute disease management instead of chronic disease management. The issue is that the move from fee for service is not endorsed by provincial medical associations. The provincial medical associations is the middle man bargaining group for Canadian physicians, in additional the provincial government
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