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Jennifer Measheaw Week 6 Problems and Exercise Chapter 10 1. Consider the reasons implementations fail. For at least three of these reasons, explain why this happens, if there is one (or more) type of implementation likely to minimize the occurrence, and if there is one (or more) type of installation more likely to induce failure for this reason System development projects are carefully analyzed, designed and implemented to achieve the desired objectives. One would think that by carefully designing project’s schedule would guarantee software delivery on time and within budget. Unfortunately this is hardly the case. Even well-designed projects fail. Some common reasons that lead to project failure are: • Poor project definition and…show more content…
Perhaps we expect to make the next big thing in software market with a budget of $1,000. Although we have been witnesses of such IT miracles, it is too optimistic and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Keeping low profile and setting concrete and achievable goals is a road every serious developer should take. The best thing to do knows your field thoroughly in order to make specific and accurate estimations about the extent to which the system may reach. Being over-optimistic can easily lead to sound failures and ruin one’s career. Whether a system is successful or not can be easily determined by the extent the system is used and the user’s satisfaction. 2. Two members of your project development team are disagreeing about the relative importance of training and documentation. Sam strongly believes that training is far more important because it will ensure the successful implementation of the information system and that the early usage is a positive experience. Pat encounters that the user documentation is far more important because its impact can help not only the current users, but also future users. Which do you think is right, and why? From my point of view, both are correct. Both training and documentation are important in learning to operate a new system quickly and sufficiently. Documentation shall be among the deliverables of a project. If the new system operation relies on the old one in a great extent, then training may be of less
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