Questions On Professional Behavior Midterm Assessment

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Identify two items on the “Professional Behavior Midterm Assessment” and create a plan of action that addresses how you plan to improve in these areas. Please provide examples of your direct action items. My fieldwork placement is at Moccasin Bend in Chattanooga Tennessee. For this midterm reflection, I have to state that the fieldwork coordinator that did our paperwork has not observed the students leading groups at all. He graded every category with an exceptional ranking which does not allow us to have any knowledge of room for improvement. In the beginning, he told us that we would spend the weeks before the Spring break doing observations. After the break, we still shadow a specific group to allow us to lead it the following week. The Tuesday group has only led one group collectively. This group was on March 22nd as us students wanted to lead at least one before this assessment. If I had to judge my own weaknesses, I would state that one of my weaknesses would have to be “is able to set limits on undesirable client behaviors, sets necessary limits.” Some of the group leaders at the facility will ignore some of the consumer’s negative behaviors, indulge in the conduct, or in one case asked if they needed to leave the group to “cool off.” Some group leaders have told me that they do not make the clients participate if they do not wish. They just document that they did not interact with the group in their paperwork later. This does not allow me to observe and try to
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