Questions On Protocol And Protocol

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2.3 What is a Protocol?
Protocol is nothing but set of guidelines, which supports the data exchange between the layers. The guidelines describe what to do (the details like when and where to send the data, data format).
2.4 What is a Protocol Data Unit?
Telecommunication protocol create protocol data unit in sender side. This protocol data unit of message is transmitted by using protocol. Each PDU have particular format and contains header information in header information identify protocol type and send data to particular destination. The type of data transmitted by protocol is called PDU.
2.5 What is Protocol Architecture? The protocol architecture is nothing but development of communication protocols in network. Has multiple layers with many protocols.
2.6 What is TCP/IP?
The transmission control protocol/Internet protocol is used to transmit the data to hosts in network. This is used in network topology communication establishment and data transmission purpose. TCP/IP is a two layer protocol high layer is TCP and low layer is IP. Small packets data are transmitted by TCP and it gets small packets grouped and form original data. IP protocol forward these data to particular destination.
2.7 What are some advantages of Layering seen in TCP/IP Architecture?
The advantages to layering are as follows:
Flexible for the Extensible of applications.
Segmentation concept makes to solve the problems in easy way.
Easy to alter the network services.
2.8 What is a Router?
Router is
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