Questions On Quantitative And Qualitative Research

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Other Approaches to Research In the 20th century researchers developed other research designs that draw on quantitative and qualitative elements. Mixed methods, action research, and program evaluation follow the research design process of quantitative and qualitative research. Action research and program evaluation however are not applied research designs. Mixed Methods As the name implies, mixed methods research combines both quantitative and qualitative components to add depth and breadth to the research study (Laureate Education, Inc., n.d. g). As with quantitative and qualitative research methodology, mixed methods researchers begin with the research question that will guide the type of data collected, do an extensive literature…show more content…
Like qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research, action researchers reflect on their practice, and then define a problem within it, gather data, review the literature, identify colleagues who will collaborate in the action research process, carry out the action plan, analyze the data, and form possible conclusions (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2010). Multiple types of data are collected. Researchers use a triangulation matrix to corroborate their results. Unlike applied research, action researchers do not use complicated statistical analysis to measure quantitative data. They also do not provide the deep level of analysis found in qualitative research. However, action researchers can and do use descriptive statistics, coding, and triangulation to detect possible themes that emerge from the data, thereby ensuring their results are credible and dependable (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2010). There are two types of action research: critical action research and practical action research. In critical action research, the researcher attempts to address major societal issues, such as sexism, racism, or other types of injustice within an educational system (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2010). In contrast, practical action research involves making changes to educational systems, but the changes are smaller and happen
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