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Brief Essay Questions - According to our text . . .
1.) Describe the difference between quick questions and deep-thinking questions. From a children 's book of your choice, give an example of each. Remember to include the title of the book you chose. (15 points)
Quick questions and deep-thinking questions differ in many ways. Quick questions are questions that have a correct answer and once that answer is found thinking stops. These questions are asked to find a specific answer, while deep-thinking questions are exactly the opposite. Deep-thinking questions do not have just one correct answer, rather they get you to think deeper to really figure out why something is the way it is. This also means that the answer to these questions will be different from person to person because they will have different meanings to each individual.
The book I choose is How Full Is Your Bucket For Kids (Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer):
Quick Question: “Do any of you have a brother or a sister?”
Deep-Thinking Question: “If you had a bucket over top of your head, how full would it be today?”

2.) List a quote from Writing Power that defines inferring? Describe an activity you can do to help students learn about inferring and its importance in writing. (15 points)
“A small drop of ink produces that which makes thousands think.”- (p. 10) Lord Byron
An activity that I would do with students so that they can understand why inferring is important in writing would be to deconstruct passages of
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