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Questions for Reflection 1. When working with Isaiah to figure out unknown words, I used prompts to help him think of his reading strategies. I prompted him to look for chunks and reread words until they made sense. For example, I said “let’s reread that” or “let’s try that again”. I continually guided him to use his finger for tracking, as well pointed out words we needed to go back and study in more depth. I made sure to praise him when he utilized a strategy that lead to him to figuring out an unknown word. For example, when he used the syntax cueing system and read where for why; or when he chunked the word hill. I also had him reread sentences or phrases until they sounded fluent. 2. A question I would ask myself would be what words did you preview before reading the text? I had conducted a picture walk, but failed to review any vocabulary or tricky words. I would also ask myself- Where there any other reading strategies I could have used when he was stuck on the word why? Maybe I could have written another sentence with the targeted word to see if he could read the word in different context. Lastly, I would ask if the reading strategies were posted somewhere for him to refer to verse depending on my prompts to guide him. 3. One interactive trouble that I came across was when Isaiah was struggling to read the word why. When he first attempted the word, he read it as where. I praised him for using the syntax cueing system but asked him to look at the letters
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