Questions On Reading And Debating

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Week 1: Discussion Forum by Yo 'Lauder Holt - Friday, October 21, 2016, 8:53 PM

1. Think of your past experience with reading and fictional analysis - what do you love about reading and debating a good story - what don 't you like - how do you think this class will hone your reading and thinking skills.
It’s been a long time since I have critiqued a book or written an analytical essay. I really enjoy reading based on obtaining the background of a character and their relation to the overall story. I like short stories too because they land at the heart of the intended metaphor, moral and overall thesis in a short reading period. I’m able to read more and learn more by reading short stories. I have a collection of Christmas short stories on my Nook that I read every holiday season. I need to get my Nook fixed or buy another gadget so I can read them this year. The holiday themed stories help me to get into the holiday spirit. The feeling that a book can bring out in his characters to make you feel positive and uplifted is what I really enjoy from reading.
I know this class will refresh my memory on some English literature I learned eons ago. I’m also looking forward to reading some really good stories, books and learning about authors and the reason they write or research in certain ways. The terminology used throughout the textbook; will be extremely helpful in my personal and work life in regards to college work and as a social work assisting with various…
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