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Anonymous I used to loathe reading and writing. I still do. There is however, a difference between my feelings regarding reading and writing in my past compared to my feelings now. I didn’t know who I was or what my thoughts were on many subjects. I also had trouble connecting with the stories I was reading. The main turning point in my attitude towards reading was in my ninth grade English class. My teacher, Mrs. Schultz, taught me, or maybe I finally decided to listen, and I found a deeper meaning and moral compass in the book we read. From then on, I looked at literature in a different light. Every night I would sit cross-legged on my bed and read from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I wondered why the education hierarchy decided they wanted to torture me just so I would seem more knowledgeable in the art of English. I remember being so disinterested. I would constantly be pushing myself to just finish one more page. I even started this habit that I would treat myself to a Popsicle when I finished each chapter. One day, in a class discussion around chapter seven something struck me: I was enjoying the discussion so thoroughly and yet I was bored to tears while reading the same exact material the night before. I pondered why that would be. My only explanation was that my teacher had brought it to life for me. She had forced me to read between the lines and to ask questions about the passage. That was the first real experience of mine that had an impactful…

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