Questions On Reason And Faith

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Reason and Faith in our Society Giovanni Hernandez Father Ibarra Introduction to Philosophy Giovanni Hernandez Introduction to Philosophy Father Ibarra December 2, 2014 Fides et ratio “The more human beings know reality and the world, the more they know themselves in their uniqueness…” I believe that as humans beings we tend to lose ourselves in our everyday lives, consumed by mundane task and the world around us, that we fail to see the bigger picture, which then leads us astray wondering what is missing in our lives. So by knowing ourselves, using our reason and letting faith guide us we enter into a greater picture of being, where we find meaning in life and in one another. From the very beginning of our creation we see how truly curious man is, to the point of his own fall. This continues to drive many of our lives down a path of curiosity and questioning. Some not most are able to find the truth that sets them free, yet many fall short into despair, loneliness and a meaningless life style. A great example in our own time is the amount of suicides that happen every year, what is even more devastating is the amount that occurs here in the United States. In an article by the National Center for Health Statistics, they supplied information of a medical care survey from 2010. Which said that there were 39,518 suicides in the United States, which ranged from, self inflicted firearm, suffocation and poisoning suicides. These
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