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CONCLUSION Religion of Science Ernest Holmes asks us to consider three general classifications of knowledge: 1. Science: “… the organized knowledge of natural law and its application to life.” 2. Philosophy: “… the opinions one holds about the world, life, and reality.” 3. Religion: “… any man’s belief about his relationship to the invisible universe.” “We might speak of a pure religious science as we would speak of a pure natural science, which means the study of natural causes. We might speak of pure religious science as that branch of science which studies the natural principles; the nature of Mind and Consciousness. Then we could think of applied religious science as the application of this principle in human needs for practical purposes, and this is where one encounters the study of the nature of prayer, of faith, and of mental actions and reactions.” The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 92-93 Philosophy and Religion amount to opinion, of which there are many; but there is only one Science, because there is only one Law. There are many branches of science, many disciplines that make up its study; but as they each focus upon the one universe and the laws that define its operation, their principles and premises compliment rather than contradict one another. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Philosophy and Religion. Holmes points out that, in rejecting religion, most people are really rejecting the superstitious practice of religion; but there is no need

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