Questions On Science And Science

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2:1 Conceptual Definition of key words;
Through this study, the key words include science subject, dropout and students. In order this study to be well understood, the key words are defined below.
2:1:2Science subject
According to secondary school curriculum (2007) science subjects include biology, chemistry and physics
According to Duane T.Gish(vital articles on science/creation) Define science as search for truth. The single most important principles of science education is the one that instruct students to identify assumptions, use critical thinking, make logical deductions and consider alternative explanation. Also in more elaboration, For the purpose of my study, Science subjects are among lessons which learnt in secondary school which prepare individual to be scientist in the future. Those lessons are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 2:1:3Dropout According to my study, Dropout refer to those students who registered in secondary school(form one) in all subjects(science and arts) but when they reach form three they stop taking science subjects and take only arts, also include those who stop science courses/subjects after completed form four.
From Cambridge University, Define Student as person who is learning at college or university…
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