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Assignment 1
Search Engines
The two main functionalities executed by a search engines are building and crawling an index, provision of a hierarchical list of the most relevant websites for search users. A world wide web is like a big-networked city with stops and subway system. Each stop, usually a web page is unique. The search engine needs to formulate a method to span the whole town and identify all breaks alongside the way. The search engine, therefore, uses the best path available that is what we commonly refer to as links. The connection configuration of the web servers binds all the pages together. Using links, automated robots known as crawlers can reach billions of documents that connect to each other in the web (Fishkin, 2015).
Upon finding these pages, the search engines decrypt the code from them and store pieces of the code selectively into the databases to call them later when prompted by a search query. Companies that offer Search engine utilities have built data centers all over the world to enable them accomplish the responsibilities of holding billions of web pages. The web pages are accessible within a second. The fact centers hold thousands of supercomputers that process large amounts of information at a large speed. When someone conducts a search using the search engines they are provided with results instantaneously. The major search engines such Google learn about URL (web addresses) and adds them to its crawl scheduling system. After adding the…
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