Questions On Second Counseling Session

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Second Counseling Session: In this session, I explained to my client that I would do some physical assessment by gathering his anthropometric data which includes his actual weight and height and weight circumferences. The anthropometric data will help me and Mr. William to set the goal. How far he would like to go and also it would be useful tools to measure the success of the strategies. It was an entertaining experience because my client joke a lot about his weight, waist and body composition. It is beneficial for me because he made the process more relax. According to the Hamwi method and BMI table, he is considered as an overweight individual. His IBW percentage is 119% and BMI of 27. From his physical profile, Mr. William does not look overweight since he does not have much visceral fat. He is an apple shape man and have very broad and full shoulders. I can see that he probably used to have a lot of muscles on his upper body part. He also has very thick and solid legs. From my own opinion, those muscles are contributing to the amount of his weight. He claims that he started to lose many of his muscle in the arms due to herniated disc condition that he had a few months ago. Mr. William is Caucasian, and according to waist circumference guide his 37.5 inches of waist does not put him at high risk of central obesity related health problem. When I explained to him that his weight and height stats put him as an overweight individual he was not surprised. He was also not
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