Questions On Second Language Acquisition

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1. In the first class meeting of this semester, you were asked to respond to a survey of your ideas related to second language acquisition (survey can be found on p 3-4 of your Lightbown & Spada book). Revisit that survey and respond again to the survey and compare your previous responses to how you respond to it now, now that you have completed this course. Pick three items to discuss, explaining how and why your beliefs have changed. If none of your responses have changed during the semester, then pick three items of interest to you and explain how theory and research studied during the course confirmed or reinforced your beliefs. Cite the source and/or theory that influences your current beliefs.

When I was asked to respond to a survey of my opinions regarding second language acquisition in the first class meeting, I almost strongly agreed with three views on SLA: Languages are learned mainly through imitation; Highly intelligent people are good language learners; The earlier a second language is introduced in school programs, the greater the likelihood of success in learning. After I revisited the survey and responded again to the survey, however, I found that my beliefs have changed a little bit.
First, I always thought that languages are learned mainly through imitation, especially in an environment where English is not used on a daily basis. Looking back over my past experiences, I have learned other foreign languages as well as English, mimicking native…
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