Questions On Securing Wireless Client Devices

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5. Securing Wireless Client Devices
Two major threats to wireless client devices are (1) loss or theft, and (2) compromise. Many of us store our confidential and proprietary information in our Laptops and PDAs, loss or theft of such kind of devices may cause the organization to be in violation of privacy regulations involving the disclosure of personal identifying information it has collected from third parties. Another threat to wireless client devices is that they can be compromised so that an attacker can access sensitive information stored on the device or use it to obtain unauthorized access to other system resources.

6. Securing Wireless Networks

6.1 Use of Encryption
The best way for securing the wireless networks from hackers or
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The user has to turn off the broadcast the information if the user is not present. Hackers can use identifier broadcasting to home in on vulnerable wireless networks. Disable the identifier broadcasting mechanism if your wireless router allows it.

6.4 Change the identifier on your router from the default
By default the router comes with standard ID assigned by the manufacture of the hardware of the router. Suppose even if the router is not broadcasting the SSID the hackers can compromise the network by using the default IDs and can access the network. So try to change the SSID to something which you can remember easily and configure your computer to connect to it. Use a password which is alphanumeric which cannot be easier for the hacker to break.

6.5 Change your router’s pre-set password for administration
Like changing the identifier of the router we have to change the default password of the router, which allows us to setup and configure the router. Hackers can easily guess the default password and able to compromise the system. The tougher the password, the harder it’ll be for the hacker to crack it.

6.6 Allow only specific computers to access your wireless network
Computers can able to communicate with any network with a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address. The routers have a mechanism to allow or connect only the devices which have a particular MAC address. Some hackers can also spoof MAC address.

6.7 Turn off your wireless
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