Questions On Senior Year Of Highschool

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Senior year of highschool is time to decide where you will continue your education career, but it is also the last chance for you to fix your writing and study skills. When your annoying English teacher gives you an assignment that looks daunting because the page count and the list of sources we have to use. Not only was this assignment given in the last semester of my high school career, but it was a necessary because I learned key things about writing a paper. The things I learned is what can help me succeed in my college and future careers. Right after spring break the mindset of the senior class was to get out high school. When the excellent but cruel Ms. Angelos assigns the hardest assignment of the year. She assigns the medieval literature final paper. The concept of the miserable assignment was for me to write an extensive paper with three sources of medieval literature. The first thought that came into my mine was “This teacher really wants us to fail, and not graduate”. The only part of this experience that was easy was that she gave us list of sources we can use. I choose books that looked familiar or I had read before. The books that I choose were Beowulf, King Arthur and The Round Table, and Canterbury Tales. Then reading those books and trying to find similarities among the great heroes was the most tedious part. Finally completing the reading, the writing process of writing this paper began. The challenge of this paper was trying to exceed the minimum
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