Questions On Simple Symmetric Protocol

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Simple Symmetric Protocol Alice may choose to use the simple symmetric protocol. It requires that Alice and Bob establish a secret key with which the location can be encrypted. The two need to somehow agree upon the secret key in a secure manner- like in a private conversation, for example. The steps to accommodate a secure exchange using a simple symmetric system would be: 1. Alice would type the witness ' location into a simple text file using an editor. 2. Alice would use the Rijndael cipher from the JCE to scramble the text file using the secret key agreed upon with Bob. 3. Alice would send the output of step 2 to Bob using email. 4. Bob reads his email, expecting a scrambled bit of text from Alice, and uses his JCE decryption Java program to descramble the text using the secret key agreed upon with Alice. Bob would now have the location of the witness. Simple Asymmetric Protocol In the previous situation Alice and Bob needed to agree upon a secret key for their secure communication in person. However, in most circumstances it is not possible to establish the secret key. In fact, since Alice and Bob live in different countries it is unlikely that physically meeting up with one another is feasible. In these situations asymmetric or public key systems excel. A public key system works in the following manner: Alice and Bob each have two keys, one of which is secret to themselves and the other which is publicly known. The publicly-known key is registered with a trusted
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