Questions On Solving The Statistical Problem

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The first strategy when solving the statistical problem above is to create a plan to find how many solutions there are for this problem. When starting this plan, the first step is to glean all the relevant clues given in the problem. The important clues described in the statistical problem begin with their only nine people. One person of the nine people has nine pieces of candy. A second person has no candy. Finally, a third person has four pieces of candy because four is the mean and the media of the problem. Gathering information from the data is what Art Costa’s calls his first level of Questioning, which is gathering information (Daws & Schiro, 2008). Students must have a good understanding of mean, median, and mode before solving this type of statistical problem. Median and mode are often easily found Van De Walle, Karp, and Bay-Williams have defined mean in two different conceptual understandings. According to Van De Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams there are two distinct interpretations for the understanding of mean (2013). The definition of mean is to find the middle number in the set of data. A real explanation is to spread the data evenly across all the data points where each data point is the same as the sum, which is thirty-six, refer to illustration 2. Understanding the term mean is crucial when working with statistical problems. The first explanation of the term mean can be better understood in the classroom when students are working on an activity
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