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Montgomery Inman
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How to: Procrastinate Writing Papers
Every week I have the same routine for projects or tests. I get assigned one of those dreaded assignments, and everyday I think about how important it is. Even if it’s extremely important, I can’t bring myself to do it. Then the day before its due I get a panicky feeling in my stomach and try to do it in a couple of hours, when I should 've spent a couple of days working on it. This is called being a procrastinator. One of the most common things I procrastinate doing is English essays. As a matter of fact I am procrastinating doing this essay right now.
Procrastination trains the mind to process and work faster, in a short period of time. The more someone procrastinates, the more there mind is used to working under pressure and in a time limit. This could help a person later in life to make good decisions in a short amount of time. Also it helps the mind think more creatively Being a procrastinator of essays is pretty easy, but there are a few steps and a few characteristics needed to be one.
Being a procrastinator requires a couple different characteristics. One of which is being optimistic. A procrastinator is optimistic about his or her ability to complete a task in a short amount of time. Being an optimistic procrastinator is also usually associated with expressions of thought that everything is under control. For example, the procrastinator might get assigned a paper and have to do it in ten days,

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