Questions On Stock Market Game Essay

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In the beginning of the semester, I had little to no knowledge of the stock market. The stock market did not interest me until this class. When you first mentioned the project, I was a little iffy on it because I found it quite boring. I did not know which company to invest in, so I just picked my favorite company. The first week of the stock market game, it started to grow on me. It was interesting seeing how good and bad a company did that week. The second week into the game, I always checked how my company did when the stock closed at 4:30pm. I’ve played the stock market game before but through the computer. I never had to keep track of everything, I just picked a company and the computer did it for me. So, this was a learning experience on basically how being a broker is. I give a lot of kudos to stock brokers because this is a lot of work and stress dealing with stocks. When doing this project, I looked in to the history of the Stock Market and the trading and investing that went into it. I also looked up the two different types of stocks there are which is, common stock and preferred stock. Even though I didn’t send you the information for the stocks, I had stocks written down in my notebook, I was keeping track of them throughout the semester. I did pretty well with them except for a couple which I lost money in. But overall as it being my first time doing it on my own and having to actually look up trends and how the stock market actually works, I did a decent job. I

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