Questions On Stock Reports Research

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Stock Reports Research If I had to narrow my composing process down it would be between two processes, the Think-Aloud Protocol & Process Log. A think-aloud protocol is the process of verbally speaking the words as you write them as well as saying aloud what you are thinking. “A process log is a journal in which you discuss what you are writing, what you are reading in relation to your written work, and how writing for class relates to other writing you are doing or have done.”
I am a mixture of the two, I have a whole written process in my notebook that I use strictly for my business stocks, but as I’m doing the step by step process I recite what I’m doing so I won’t forget anything that I have to do. In order to help complete this process I used a website called Screencast-o-Matic, it is basically the same thing as Jing but I actually know how to use screencast. Screencast is a screen recorder website that in this case was used for my business process. With screencast I saw how much I would frequently stop to look at the American Eagle website or to check my email or social media. My process was prolonged by my frequent stops for snacks and chatter with friends and my roommate. My room is always loud because we have plenty of visitors throughout the day; I learned to try to work around the noise. If for some reason I’m not in my room I’m usually out on the steps of the dorms; it’s not cool out there but it’s a lot quieter with fewer visitors so I get a lot more finished.…
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