Questions On Strategic Family Therapy Essay

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Strategic Summary Paper What are the basic tenets of this approach to therapy? Overall, the basic approach to Strategic Family Therapy is to understand the ways in which power and the role each person plays in a relationship are associated and connected to one another (Awosan, 2015). Essentially, the clinician will evoke more of the given behavior in order to have a break through and initiate a new solution to the given problem. By performing reverse psychology in a sense, the clinician is exhausting the couple or family 's prior way of solving the problem in order to alter their views and transform their methods. Similarly, the clinician is held responsible for designing a suitable environment to promote and encourage change for all clients. From a communications outlook, the strategic models are responsible for looking at "what is occurring rather than why it is occurring;" they are "less focused on the meaning of the symptom or its origins" and more focused on the given behavior and its governing symptoms (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013, p. 302). How does this approach understand health and pathology? When looking specifically at the Mental Research Institute 's (MRI) Interactional Family Therapy, it is stated that "researchers zeroed in on the family interaction sequences in all families in an effort to understand how faulty communication patterns might lead to family dysfunction" (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013, p. 304). From a health and pathological standpoint,
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