Questions On Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategic Human Resource Management Version 7 Credits 20 Assignment 1 Group Assignment Learning Outcome 1: Section A: Contingency Model: Contingency theory functions under the notion that organisation and management should act according to the different situations of an individual. Moreover, in this type of model in management there is no perfect approach in the methods of leadership, because each workplace is unique, the intervention or approaches depends on the current situation the management is facing. To achieve the maximum potential of the working body, leaders or officers must determine and understand the most effective management style for each circumstance. Moreover, contingency is a plan on how to implement actions in dealing with different possible outcomes. Lastly, contingency theory in the work environment determines and prevent undesirable conflicts by handling persons in the altruistic way as possible. Harvard Model: The Harvard Framework has two distinct features. First, the line managers have greater responsibilities in the assurance of the alignment of individual policies and competitive strategy. Second, the objectives of the personnel is to set policies that oversee how individual activities are made and carried out in ways that make them more productive. In addition, in this type of framework, employees are important stakeholders in an institute. Employees have their own individual needs and worries along with other groups such as, shareholders
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