Questions On Strategic Human Resource Problems

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Strategic Human Resource Problems
Christopher Poole
University of Maryland University College
September 18, 2016

The increasing need for advanced knowledge in most of the companies call for new methods of dealing with the deficits recorded. Further, the human resource manager has several opportunities that allow them to increase the company’s profits by using methods such as strategic outsourcing. The knowledge out there is sufficient for any HR manager looking for ways of expanding the work force within the organization. As technology continues to shift, outsourcing parts of the company’s subsystems continues to expand on a daily basis as the unexploited potentials continue to present themselves to the HRMs. Problems do exist too. Managers need to strategically align human resources to deliver services effectively and efficiently to the clients, improve the capacities the company can hold at a given time, and achieve cross-coordination of value gains through integrated services. These issues are common.
This review will examine the problems that HR managers go through as they source for the best talent and skills in the market to enable them push the company to higher heights. Literature on the same is abundant, and HR managers have themselves to blame if they do not take advantage of the available information to better their resources.
Edralin (2001) opined that the greatest issue that HR managers will face in the new millennium is the…
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