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4. Number rainbows
a. I will be working with student on their targeted number for this student. We made a number line starting at zero and then counting up to their practice number. I then started by stating that we were going to create a rainbow. I asked the student if they could find two number in the number line that could equal their practice number. Usually, they states their practice number and zero and if you add them together you get the practice number. Then I encouraged the student to look for another pair of number that would equal the practice number. I will prompt thee student to keep looking for pair of number until they have found all the pair then I ask them to draw a line connecting the two numbers in the pair. After the student had created the rainbow I will have them color the rainbow. After they have colored it I had the student write number sentences using the number pairs to equal the practice number. After they have written the student has finished creating the number sentences I reviewed the sentences with the student.
5. Snap it
a. In this lesson I work with the student on their practice number. The student started out with a stack of unfix cubes that equals their practice number. I then prompted the student to place the unfix cubes behind their back. I then modeled how they would snap the stack in half. Then I showed the student then when I pulled out the stack in was broken in two. I had the student practiced just snapping the stack a few times.
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