Questions On Sustainability Of Real Estate

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Introduction This report focuses on the review and discussion of three scholarly papers related to sustainability in real estate. A section will be dedicated to each of the three papers. Within these sections, the nature of the work and its key findings will be reviewed along with the author’s motivation and intentions. Additionally, different types and sources of data that is used in the papers will be examined and analyzed in order to enhance the topics discussed. The final section of this report will discuss the similarities, differences, and implications of the papers. This will provide a better context of the key issues that are presented. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts…show more content…
This is explained as a concern to investors because the value and risk has shifted towards these type of buildings. The paper states that it makes two contributions to the nascent literature on commercial building energy efficiency (Chegut, 2014). The first is the investigation of the role that green building supply on market dynamics. This is done by assessing the impact of growing competition of environmentally certified real estate on the prices of certified and non-certified office buildings. The second is an analysis of the demand for environmentally certified real estate, which includes rental contract features and the impact that buyers of commercial properties have on rents and prices. The second section of the paper focuses on the United Kingdom’s market for green office space. Environmental certification is said to play a role in the investment of a building (Chegut, 2014). The two private intermediaries of environmental performance who provide certification are BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). On the supply side of green office space, it is driven by certification, construction, material, and labour costs. On the demand side, it is explained that institutional investors may have certain beliefs about corporate social

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