Questions On Taking Back Your Life Essay

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Running Header: Schanck Final COM 120 Taking Back Your Life Jacob Schanck Fayetteville Technical Community College 01/10/2016 Taking Back Your Life 2 Taking Back Your Life Abstract Humans desire to experience life to the fullest extent as our cognitive abilities allow. Unfortunately unhealthy stimuli from traumatic experiences severely hinder our abilities to communicate to ourselves and others, both verbally and nonverbally, while navigating through life. Some of these unhealthy stimuli result in severe mental illness and on a lesser extent yet still pervasive in our culture are early life adversities including physical and verbal abuses and post traumatic stressors. From these stimuli form unhealthy interpersonal communication skills, and false identity scripts that carryover into adulthood. Further trauma including traumatic brain injuries, environmental exposures, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder compound early life traumas. Often times the stressors prove too much, especially in the military veteran community, resulting in suicide. Therapies like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing employed by licensed counselors can effectively address many aspects of trauma. Taking Back Your Life 3 Taking Back Your Life Life is the sum of all things physical interacting with forces unseen achieving perceived gain or progress. Merriam Webster dictionary attributes a definition to life as one able to grow, to change. Life consists of our physical bodies

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