Questions On Teaching Adolescent Writers

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According to Kelly Gallagher (2006) assigning writing is easy; teaching the actual skills of writing poses far more challenge. In the book, Teaching Adolescent Writers (2012) Gallagher suggests several strategies that would improve students writing and motivate them to write. One strategy would be “Funneling a Writing Territory”. Within this unit, students must write a narrative to develop real or imagined experiences. Furthermore, using funneling writing territory students will be able to narrow their focus; the majority of the time students drench their writing in tiresomeness or irrelevant facts. Another strategy would be passing the portrait. Pass the portrait would be a great writing strategy used to recognize the point of the narrative of view. Moreover, a writing strategy that would support the students become better writers would be Chalk Talk. This strategy would benefit the students since many of them have a difficult time establishing, and linking ideas. Moreover, the purpose of this activity is for students; assist each other in developing their ideas further and questioning one another. Also, this activity aids students to silently respond in writing both to the prompt and his or her peers. This strategy would not only enhance the students writing, but it creates a dialogue between them. According to the book Making Thinking Visible (2011) this silent conversation provides learners with time to follow through without interruption. Additionally, the
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