Questions On Terms Of Agreement

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Question 1: In terms of agreement (i.e., offer and acceptance), explain what has happened and the legal status of the parties following statement number 4. [Insert your answer for question 1 here; answer all other questions likewise immediately following the question.] After saying the fourth statement, Sam is accepting the agreement by saying “that sounds great to me”, but nothing has been accepted legally because there has not been a selling amount stated for the bike yet. From Sam’s statement, the reasonable person would assume there will be a contract, but as of right now there is not. Several days later Bob and Sam meet, by chance, in a coffee shop, and continue their exchange regarding the potential sale of Sam’s old bike. 5. Bob: Hey Sam, I 'm ready to get your bike. 6. Sam: Hold on, I 'm not sure I want to sell it. 7. Bob: Would you take $800 for it? That 's more than you 'd get on Craigslist, and less hassle for you. Plus, it 's a fair price. 8. Sam: Yeah, I guess so. I 'm really not sure that I want to get rid of it, but you can have it for $800 if you want it. 9: Bob: I 'm not sure if I want to pay $800 for it. $750 and it 's a deal. 10: Sam: I 'll think about it. Question 2: What is the legal significance, if any, of statement number 7? Explain. The legal significance in statement 7 is that Sam is the offeree because he has the option to accept the legal offer of the 800 dollars for the bike that Bob made as the offeror. Bob
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