Questions On The Action Challenge

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Action Challenge:
• Answer the following questions as briefly as possible (think 300 words or less) o Tell us about a time when you worked in customer service, didn’t know how to handle a situation, and worked hard to figure out what to do. Share the steps you took and the outcome.
When I worked as a Student Technology Consultant, there was a student who came to the front desk in straight panic mode. She was working on an important assignment in the computer lab, and it seemingly went missing before her eyes. I was immediately empathetic, because of course I’ve been there, and told her I would do all I could to help her recover the document.
-First, I used prior knowledge. Admittedly, it was limited, and none of my methods did the trick.
-Then, I went online and searched for solutions.
(She was freaking out, and my intuition told me that she actually did lose her assignment, so I told her if I couldn’t recover her document I would write a note explaining the situation to her professor. Of course, some professors wouldn’t care, but I figured it may help some if she needed an extension, etc.)
-I tried about three or four methods, before I finally found a solution that worked (searching temp folders on the drive).
I was honestly almost as happy as her to find a solution. She was grateful, and said she appreciated my patience and thoroughness. Before she left I gave her some tips for backing up her work regularly…and luckily she didn’t need that note. o Briefly share with…
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