Questions On The And Of The Trinity

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1. WHO we are to BE and HOW to get there Two Pixs (1) Christ The Center of the Trinity (2) Bk of Kells – the Way 2. Quote taken from Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly “The Gospel may be difficult to live, but due to his unrelentingly simple and its teachings. The Gospel is radically simple, and there is genius and it’s simplicity.” Pix of Jesus with caption The Incarnate Word 3. IT TAKES COMMITMENT AND PASSION These steps are fluid and interrelated THE PATH GETTING THERE THE GOAL Exploring Growing Close to Christ- Christ in Christ Christ Centered 4. LEADERSHIP- THE WORLD’S WAY CONCENTRIC CIRCLES with WHAT DO WE DO (1st) HOW DO WE DO IT (2nd) and WHY (last) 5. LIFE LED THE SERVANT LEADER’S WAY WHY WE DO IT COMES FIRST—THEN WHAT WE DO AND HOW WE DO IT 6. Same Chart as in Slide 2 on Christ GC: Article 9:1 The spirituality of the Secular Franciscan is a plan of life centered on the person and on the following of Christ, rather than a detailed program to be put into practice. 7. Transitional Pix of St. Francis’ tomb 8. FOOD FOR THE JOURNEY LOVE ROOTED DEEPLY IN PRAYER IN CONTINUOUS CONNECTION TO THE SOURCE OF ALL WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE – THE HOLY SPIRIT Pix of a Tree with hearts as leaves – hands raised in prayer above the tree with a Dove hovering above the hands 9. The path to becoming Christ centered 1 becoming love
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