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Caitlin Doepfner IPE 1013 Consumption and the Environment Dalton October 27, 2014 Midterm 1. Explain what the two basic types of feedback loops are and how they work, please give an example for each. A feedback loop occurs when the product of one thing in a system affects what is eventually put into that thing. More simply, a feedback loop is a cycle in that every part of the cycle will have an effect on itself again. There are two types of these cycles – positive feedback loops and negative feedback loops. “Negative” traditionally sounds like a bad influence on the cycle, but in this instance, negative feedback loops maintain equilibrium or balance in an environment. This does not mean that positive feedback loops have a bad…show more content…
With more babies being born, the population grows. It is a fairly simple cycle, but both feedback loops can be used in our personal lives, and in a larger setting like a nation’s economy. 2. Explain exponential growth and doubling time; why are these two concepts important? While exponential decay and half-lives help us calculate different points in the past (i.e. carbon-dating archaeological artifacts), exponential growth and doubling time are two mathematical practices that can help us predict the future in numbers. As the name suggests, “doubling time” is the time it takes for something to double in size. Exponential growth happens when something’s current number grows by that same number. For example, if my apple tree showed signs of exponential growth, it might grow 16 apples the first year it blooms – 16 to the first power (16^1) – and the second year it grows 256 apples – 16 to the second power (16^2), or 16 multiplied by 16. In my apple tree example, the doubling time would be the time it takes my apple tree to go from growing 16 apples to 32 apples – 16 multiplied by 2. I will admit that this apple tree is a naturally implausible scenario, but the concept can be effectively applied to larger numbers such as population growth, different aspects of the market economy, or anything else that should increase over time. Exponential growth and doubling time equations can help us determine how large a
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