Questions On The Basic Elements Of Music

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Review Questions 1. What are the basic elements of music? The basic elements of music include: pitch, rhythm, beat, tempo, dynamics, timbre, melody, harmony and form. It appears other questions ask for the definition of these terms. Therefore, I assume this is the answer for this question. 2. What is pitch? Pitch is the frequency of a sound. Basically, this means it correlates to how high or low the tone sounds. In the West, there are typically 12 different pitches used in music. A octave is the repetition of these 12 pitches. A scale is a group of notes in ascending and descending pitch. These terms are critical because music must have the ability to have repetition with common sounds and also escalate the tone of the sounds. This helps establish a drop in a song or a slow part of a song. 3. What is syncopation? What types of music use syncopation? Syncopation involves placing emphasis on normally un-emphasized beats or using a rest on a normally emphasized beat. The following types of music use syncopation: ska, reggae, rap, gazz and some forms of metal. 4. What are three examples of forms of music? Describe each form? Three examples of form of music include concerto, sonata and symphony. A concerto is a musical piece in which one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra. A sonata is a musical composition for a solo instrument. A symphony is a musical piece that has been scored for a full orchestra. 5. What is form in music? Form in music is the

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