Questions On The Cavalry Regiments

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3. Please describe and if necessary give dates for the following terms:
Hamidiye Regiments: - The Hamidiye Cavalry Regiments were established on October 20th, 1890 by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. All the men were of Kurdish origin. According to Law, the Hamidiye Cavalry Regiments have to have 4 or 6 Companies. The number of men in every company was no less than 192 and the number of men in every Regiment was no more than 1152. The time of serving in the Regiment was for soldiers 23 years. Every men of tribe between 17 of age to 40 had to serve in the Regiment. The Hamidiye was divided into groups according to age: the iptidai (ages 17–20), the Nizamiye (age 20-32), and the Redif (age 32-40). They were all registered in a book and a copy of the registration book was kept by the regiments’ commander and the other copy was kept by the Central Army which was called the General Hamidiye Military Command. In May 13, 1896 the name of the regiments were changed to the Light Cavalry Regiment. In 1910 the Regiments were reorganized by cavalry officer Fahrettin Bey because of ill- discipline. The Hamidiye were more often used by the Ottoman authorities to harass and assault Armenians living in Turkish Armenia.
Wilson’s Fourteen Points: Fourteen Points is a blueprint for world peace that was used for peace negotiations after World War I, elucidated in a January 8, 1918, speech on war aims and peace terms by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. The Fourteen Points speech was the only explicit

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