Questions On The Cavity Wall Insulation

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Cavity Wall Insulation could be a remedy for the energy poverty undergone by many homes in Ireland. Available statistics show over 60,000 low income and 160,000 other homes suffer from energy poverty. This invariably affects their health, indoor comforts while causing huge wastage of limited earnings. Insulation In general and cavity wall insulation in particular will help you if you are one of the above house holders.

SEAI offers special grants for up to Euro 400 to meet your home improvements by cavity wall insulation. The installations have to be carried out by qualified installers as special tools are required to carry this out. Under no circumstance this is a DIY job even for a person good with their hands.

Cavity walls
A cavity wall can be a construction of two walls with an air gap in between or a wall constructed of hollow blocks.The air gap in this manner should be continuous for any effective cavity wall insulation to be carried out.

How are the Cavity walls insulated?
The cavity wall insulation is applied in several ways depending on the type and construction of wall, type of insulation selected etc. What ever the material selected the idea is to cut off heat transfer by cutting off the heat transfer primarily, by conduction (ie. by physical contact) and convection (ie. by the movement of hot air (molecules) due to air currents). Naturally unless there is a continuous cavity this process has limited detrimental affect as the heat by air movement is limited to

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