Questions On The Challenge Of Science

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Assignment 1 – The Challenge of Science
To some, science brings the fear of the unknown and in others it invokes an interesting and exciting discovery. Children are scientists in themselves; always seeking and exploring the world. As science has a well-established place in the world, when introduced in the classroom, it encourages students to discover and understand more about the world around us.
There are several teaching strategies that can be presented in the classroom which provide the best learning for students. Children who sit passively in the classroom are not scientifically literate and would benefit more when opportunities allow individuals to engage in realistic scientific activities and experiments. This approach to teaching and learning science are known as inquiry-based science. As the Fraser-Abder (2011) states that in an inquiry-based learning environment, the teacher becomes the facilitator. In the classroom, students become teachers of their own learning; actively developing their understanding of science through questioning, making predictions and investigating the unknown (Fraser-Abder, 2011). This strategy allows children to be at the forefront of learning and begin to develop the same skills, knowledge and processes that scientists use. A science lesson should develop a child’s scientific knowledge but also apply opportunities for learning to be integrated into mathematics and language.
Additionally, questioning is another strategy which…
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