Questions On The Code And Core Module

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#include "ns3/core-module.h" #include "ns3/network-module.h" #include "ns3/internet-module.h" #include "ns3/point-to-point-module.h" #include "ns3/applications-module.h" #include "ns3/mpls-module.h" #include "ns3/ipv4-global-routing-helper.h" The code starts with various include statements for easy implementation of the code. We include many predefined modules in the program so that all the functionalities of the classes that are specified in the module are loaded and are available while the code executes. By importing all the modules at the beginning of the code makes the code organized, efficient and productive. The advantage of providing a single include file is that, it will load a group of files at a large…show more content…
The ns-3 logging statements are typically used to log various program execution events, such as the occurrence of simulation events or the use of a particular function. There are two ways that can typically control log output. The first is by setting the NS_LOG environment variable. The second way is by the use of explicit statements like LogComponentEnable command which enables recording of all the functions your server and clients use and the packets they receive. The use of LOG_LEVEL_INFO displays only informational messages. NodeContainer class keeps track of a set of node pointers. It also used to address each of these nodes by using the Get command e.g. hosts.Get(0), routers.Get(1) which we have used later in the program. PointToPointHelper pointToPoint; Ipv4AddressHelper address; NetDeviceContainer devices; InternetStackHelper internet; MplsNetworkConfigurator network; routers = network.CreateAndInstall (8); hosts.Create (5); internet.Install (hosts);
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