Questions On The Common Nerve Supply

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1. As Dr. Lorraine is listening to Mr. Volpe’s complaints she automatically visualizes the organs in the epigastric region that are the potential source of his problems. Where is the epigastric region and what organs associated with digestion are located in that area? (1 point) Response: The epigastric region is of the abdominals that is superior to the transverse colon. It goes up to just about the xiphoid process of the sternum. The width of a person’s neck is the approximate width of the epigastric region, so if someone were to draw two lines starting at both ear lobes going straight down the body and then draw a line horizontally that would line the top of the transverse colon and another line that would horizontally line up with the xiphoid process, that square made would be the epigastric region. The organs associated with digestion located in that region are the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and pancreas. 2. The structures in the epigastric region share a common nerve supply. Can you name the specific cranial nerve that serves this region and the part of the nervous system to which it belongs? (1 point) Response: That specific cranial nerve is the Hypoglossal (XII) nerve and it belongs to the Sensory Somatic nervous system. 3. In order to understand the disease in Mr. Volpe’s alimentary canal, one must know the layers that make up its walls. Design a chart or concept map that identifies the four basic layers of the alimentary canal, the tissues that make up
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