Questions On The Conflict Resolution Process

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Assessment Task 3
Part A
1. Discuss the conflict resolution process that you would use to resolve the workplace situation.
• Take responsibility for finding a solution to conflict:
Meeting for finding a solution to conflict with both parties
• Establish and agree on the nature and details of conflict with all parties and assess impact:
When resolving a conflict, start by finding common ground. Identify and acknowledge areas of agreement and then move on to negotiate areas of disagreement.
• Deal with conflict sensitively, courteously and discreetly:Express interest in the opinions of others. You can acknowledge someone 's point of view without necessarily agreeing with it.
• Minimize impact on other colleagues and customers:
To clarify the effect subsequent to colleagues and clients.
• Use effective conflict resolution techniques and communication skills to manage the conflict and develop solutions:Listen to other people carefully and be sure you understand their positions. Don 't make assumptions about what you think you heard. When it comes to resolving conflict, listening can be more important than fixing.
• Encourage all points of view, acknowledge them and treat them with respect:
Respect can mean treating ourselves and others with consideration, care and esteem. To show respect means to have regard for other peoples’ feelings and to treat them with nurtures a culture of trust, honesty and happiness
• Identify and evaluate the impact of conflict on business
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