Questions On The Doctrine Of Discovery Essay

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Thomas Berumen
AIS 304
Professor Harjo
October 18, 2016
AIS 304 Midterm
The “Doctrine of Discovery” was a concept used to further colonization and strip land from the indigenous people. According to Class 7 Lecture, it allowed colonial powers to colonize the land that they discovered even if indigenous people already lived there. The doctrine provides “title to the nation making the discovery” of the land even if the soil is inhabited by natives. Provided the land excluded “European sovereign”. When European powers establish rule in what is now the United States the government was given the ownership of the lands until they felt the need use of the land. The Indians currently residing in the lands were just inhabitants. The doctrine set for by Chief Justice Marshall was set forth to mimic colonial powers and prevent further European expansion on U.S. soils. Following the Johnson v McIntosh case, it established a preventive measure of Indians and Indian tribes from selling the land to anyone but the United States government. This was to prevent European colonies to develop in the United States.
The doctrine was important for the development and expansion of colonial powers, but the implementation was a negative effect by forcefully taking lands from the indigenous. It disowned the culture and lifestyles of millions. Rationally it is a shame that the government chose to deny aboriginal title owners as they should have been allowed to keep their land. I agree in the decision
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