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Hydraulically actuated Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI)

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Vehicular Internal Combustion Engine


1.1 Introduction: 4
1.2 HEUI system 4
1.3 HEUI System Components:- 6
1.3.1 HEUI Injectors: 6
BASIC COMPONENTS OF INJECTORS: 6 Basically there are three types of injectors exist. 6
1.3.2 Low pressure oil system: 7
1.3.3 High-pressure oil system: 8
Injection control pressure regulator (ICPR): 8
Injection Cycle 9
Fill cycle 9
Main injection 9
End of injection 9
1.3.4. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) is the "brain" or center of the engine control system. 9
References 11

List of Figure

Figure 1 HEUI vs Conventional fuel system 4
Figure 2 HEUI system 5
Figure 3 HEUI Injectors 6
Figure 4 A-type, B type, Digital valve injector 7
Figure 5 low pressure oil system 7
Figure 6 high pressure oil system 8
Figure 7 Injector pressure regulator 8
Figure 8 Fill cycle, End of main injection, Main injection 9
Figure 9 ECM 10


In the past, in diesel engine fuel pressure was controlled mechanically and depending on the camshaft. Due to this geography lots of problems occurs like engine emission, engine torque, engine efficiency etc. To overcome these problem or for the better performance caterpillar invented new technology called Hydraulically actuated Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI) fuel systems.

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